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Escondido Beach

Location: 27400 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265

How to get there

At the east end of the beach access is easy as it is right on the PCH at around 27520. Just find the Escondido Beach Road, and just there is the entrance.

Alternatively, drive along the PCH going west until you get to 27400. There are three parking spots, for costal access only, and a narrow flight of 14 steps up to a narrow gateway.  The narrow access way slopes down then spirals around down to the beach.   It isn't the most convenient access way, but the views on the end are great.

About Escondido Beach

This small quiet stretch of beach is unusual in that the sand goes right up to the PCH at one point, and it is here that there is an access gate. Although partly hidden by overhanging trees it isn't that hard to find, and then it is just a few steps down from the sidewalk to the sand. Escondido Beach extends westward along a narrow strip and goes as far as Geffrey's Malibu, the well-known restaurant. But it is that small patch near the entrance that people are most often using to sit on a beach matt and sunbath.

There are no facilities here, so bring your own stuff and also, of course, no lifeguards. The water is clear and the sand fine but as the available space is quite small it isn't somewhere to go with a crowd. More like a place to hang out for a few hours and top up the tan. Alternatively, it is a good setting off point for kayaking and it is an easy pull along the coast to Paradise Cove, where you could stop for lunch or a drink, before going back. Parking is street parking on PCH but is often busy with cars parked by people walking the Canyon if not going to the beach.

Escondido Beach - Malibu

Food: Geoffrey's Malibu is right at the west end of the beach, near the accessway, and is renowned in the area for its Baked Brie, Chiliean Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna Tartar, but try any of their amazing creations. Open for lunch and dinner every day.

Escondido Beach - Malibu

Here is Escondido Beach on the map.


Nearby Attractions

While most people visit the beach just for a day of sand, sun, surf and fun, there are actually many interesting attractions all within easy reach of the beach. So if you want to combine some activities in a day in the area, or simply want to allow some members of your group to do different things, then consider some of these nearby attractions.

Point Dume - At the end of the beach, visible as you look all the way to the left while facing the sea, Point Dume is a rocky promontory that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The point, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay. It is most interesting as a rock climbing location as the rocking mound forms a natural climbing wall with very moderate single pitch rock climbing routes that are perfect for the beginner or training, or simply for those simply wishing to try out natural rock climbing.

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